Winta Yohannes
Director Writer
Interview for: IN SHORT a Guide to Short Film-making in the digital Age
Published by the British Film Institute

How did you become a film-maker?
I grew up in Germany. After school I wanted to go to New York because I'd been there for vacation twice and I just wanted to get out and see a bit of a different world. New York is very energetic and it completely hypnotised me as a city. I always wanted to make films, but I wanted to get an experience of doing it and see if the practicality is really for me, because it's so easy to fall in love with an idea of what you want to do just because you like films.
Interview for: 
Pride Magazine, London

Ever wondered why Spike Lee or John Singleton don't seem to have any female counterparts? By the time director Winta Yohannes asked herself this question, she'd already decided the filmmaker's life was hers for the taking. "I think it was always pretty obvious that I would do something visual, even when I was younger - my mum used to take the TV lead with her to work so I wouldn't stay in and watch afternoon martinées when I could be out playing instead…