Winta Yohannes
Director Writer
Winta Yohannes
Winta Yohannes is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer whose films have been screened globally at renowned festivals including Berlin, Edinburgh and the BFM International Film Festival in London.
In 2009 she earned an Honorable Mention at Paris’ “Prix de la Photographie” for her series “Nation of Islam”. She has also directed music videos that have appeared on MTV and VIVA for many artists including Patrice, Silly Walks and Brothers Keepers.
Prominently featured alongside Anthony Minghella, Nick Park and Lynne Ramsay in "In Short: A Guide to Short Film-making in the digital Age" a book by the British Film Institute, Yohannes is currently writing and developing a number of feature length screenplays.
Born in Eritrea and raised in Germany, from the age of three, she is a graduate of the London Film School and is fluent in English and German. After studying and working in New York and London for six years, she now lives in Berlin.